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Our Why . . .

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Our Mission

"To provide everyone with a place they can call home. A home of their own that is affordable, beautiful and safe. It is our mission is to provide an economic solution to housing needs for everyone." 

The long and simple is... houses should not cost what they do.  

Todays home buyers are also rethinking how much house do they truly need?  What is too big?  What is too small? ...What is just right?  

Innovation has changed almost every area of life, yet we are essentially building houses the same way we have for over 200 years.  As Henry Ford revolutionized the car industry, there are many lessons about efficiency and cost savings we can learn to improve our home building industry.   We believe innovative builders have the answers to today's skyrocketing housing prices and the growing problem of homelessness.  We are teaming with top builders to find and implement these necessary changes.

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